Democratic Dissembling on "Regulation"

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Republicans generally want less regulation. Democrats generally want more.

This is -- generally -- true.

So if people (generally) believe that in a specific case there should have been more or stricter regulation, it's obvious that the Democrats were right, and the Republicans wrong ... right?

This is the Democratic talking point, and it's nonsense. It's barely worth mentioning how stupid this line of reasoning is, because it's so obviously nonsensical, but it's repeated so often that apparently some people think it's true.

We know, for example, that both Bush and McCain have pushed for tighter regulations on Freddie and Fannie for several years, and we know that Democrats have blocked and opposed it.

Being generally against increased regulation does not mean being for or against all regulations anymore than being generally for increased regulation means you are for all regulations.

The Democrats know that if they talk about the specific regulations at issue, they will look bad for having opposed regulations such as those proposed by McCain (and worse, make McCain look good). So instead they talk about generalities in an obvious attempt to deceive the public.

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