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Last week the Democrats feigned offense at the Palin remarks about "community organizers." This week the Republicans are feigning offense at Obama's remark about "lipstick on a pig." And now Obama is feigning offense at the Republicans' feigning of offense about the lipstick remark.

There is very little actual offense out there. It's mostly people pretending to be offended, in the hopes that other people will become offended by force.

There is some real offense out there, and when that happens, people need to be careful. People really were offended at how Barack's campaign treated Hillary, and many people are really offended at the treatment of Palin and her baby, and her daughter, and her daughter's baby daddy (see, I can take, and even make, a joke about my side!). That offense is very real; there's little feigned about it.

Subtopic: what else is commonly feigned, other than offense? slashdot.org

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