Herald Editorial Board Makes Ignorant Endorsement of Fred Walser

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I have to think the editorial board of The Herald is simply unaware of Fred Walser's history.

I cannot believe that The Herald would have endorsed someone who was recently sentenced to a year in jail for lying to public servants; who faked a public document to cover for his friend; who interfered in a state patrol investigation of that friend; who filed a false sexual harassment complaint to protect that friend's job; who tried to get Sheriff Rick Bart to violate public records law; whose misdeeds as Police Chief of Sultan and at the Wasington State Patrol have cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

The Herald surely isn't aware of the facts, because they say they believe something which even Fred Walser himself admits the evidence doesn't show: that it was a mere "clerical error."  In filing his guilty plea, he explicitly stated that he believed that the evidence would show he was guilty of lying.

Walser has lied repeatedly, and about almost everything, including his opponent, Senator Val Stevens.  He is unfit to serve in any elected office.  All of the facts are available at http://www.fred-walser.com/.  Since The Herald refuses to do the research of the facts, the public should read about it for themselves. slashdot.org

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