Linda Douglass Said What?

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I am working with CNN with Wolf Blizter on, and I half-hear longtime news reporter Linda Douglass talking about the Republican Convention. She speaks like a reporter, but the words she's using are like they are coming straight out of the Obama campaign's talking points, saying Obama's experience in the U.S. Senate and with foreign policy is "vast." I was incredulous. So I looked up and I see no caption about her, but I rewind and see under her name: "Obama Campaign Advisor."

Apparently she left the journalism business a few months ago.

Someone actually could have assumed it was a reporter giving these lines as part of a news report, and that's pretty disturbing. I am not saying anyone did anything wrong -- maybe CNN should have kept the caption with her position up for the entire time, or something -- but the line between journalism and campaigns is terribly thin sometimes.

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