More Lies from Karen Keiser and the Democrats for Fred Walser

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The Senate Democrats have put out another mailer lying about Senator Val Stevens.

They also gave Walser another $10,000 in cash, so they've funded 39 percent of his campaign, not including whatever money was spent on this mailing.

The mailings were sent by a brand-new PAC called "Better Future for Washington," fully funded by the Senate Demoractic Campaign Committee's Roosevelt Fund, to the tune of $100,000 even. Yet no expenditures have been reported yet, even though the law requires that a postal mail ad that identifies a candidate, appears within 60 days of the election, and costs $5,000 or more must be reported electronically within 24 hours. Unless they somehow kept the cost to under $5,000 -- which is very unlikely -- they are in violation.

Regardless, SDCC chair Karen Keiser (D-33) and her committee have completely lost it. The majority of Democratic Senators can't want to see their money and their name going to waste by supporting a criminal like Fred Walser, let alone being used to spread terrible lies about a Republican colleague.


karendug said:

Now Keiser is after Mike Carrell, WA State Senator for the 28th district, and yes you have to bet that Debi Srail had a lot to do with it as well as the entire Democratic party.
Why else would a group out of Seattle have any concern about the 28th district, not even near their neck of the woods, but wanting to toss dirt against one of our most respected State Senators for a "who is Debi Srail?" person that no one has ever heard of before.
Uncover these fraud fundraisers and their candidates and Go Get Um!!!!!!!

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