Obama Can't Take It

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Obama made fun of Palin's job as mayor a few days ago, cracking that he has more people on his campaign staff than she had in her town as mayor. And now he is feigning offense about her cracks about him being a community organizer (which, contrary to the lies of the left, were not attacks on community organizers, any more than Obama was attacking majors of small towns).

Then he says it's not a big deal, after spending several minutes complaining about. Riiiight.

If Obama can't handle this, how could he handle it when a foreign dictator comes into his backyard and calls him a devil?

And then he complained, as Biden did, that the Republicans presented "not one idea" in their two nights of convention, again adding it's not a big deal, they can do what they want with their convention time.

I think along with being the most inexperienced Presidential candidate in 68 years, in terms of experience in state executive, federal executive, or federal legislative office, he may also be the most passive-aggressive. slashdot.org

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