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In memory, I have never seen the left this scared about anyone on the right before. Yes, I said "scared." How else to explain this sort of hatred? How can you hate her? Her face is "offensive"? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's pure venom out there.

Palin said nothing objectionable, other than political lines that at least half the country agrees with. Oh right, she took some sarcastic jabs at The Obama. None shall criticize Him, for He is Good. Biden can criticize McCain, because, well, he's just plain old McCain, not The McCain. Snark and meanness are acceptable from the left, because the left is on the side of goodness, light, and virtue, forever and ever amen.

I figured this would happen but it is so much more pathological than I anticipated. It's the most remarkable thing I've seen in politics for a long, long time. They know that Palin did great, they know that she could make Obama lose Pennsylvania and Ohio and Colorado and other states -- and therefore the election. They are completely shell-shocked by the events of the last week and the only thing they can do in response is Hate.

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