Ron Paul Shrewdly Helps Republicans

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Many people on the right are angry at the Republican party and simply will not vote for John McCain. In protest, some of them have even said they would vote for someone almost diametrically opposed to their views: Barack Obama.

Thanks to Ron Paul, however, these disaffected rightwing voters -- and leftwing voters, too -- will be more likely to not vote for Obama.

These disaffected voters on the left and right were not going to vote for McCain anyway. So this doesn't hurt McCain at all. It does hurt Obama, though, and that helps McCain.

Thanks, Ron Paul!


groovecoder said:

as a disaffected right wing voter, I'm more likely now to vote for Obama because of the GOP's treatment of Ron Paul.

pudge Author Profile Page said:

Obama is FAR more against your views than any other candidate running, including Nader. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Then again, it's not like McCain won't win in your state ... !

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