Senate Democrats Tell Vile Lies (This Time, Instead of Fred Walser Himself)

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Democrat Fred Walser's campaign against Senator Val Stevens in the 39th LD has been filled with lies. But the latest lie, told on his behalf from his campaign's largest direct contributor, the Senate Democrats, is perhaps the worst yet.

In a mail piece, the Senate Democrats falsely accuse Val Stevens of "condoning or excusing domestic violence" and "blaming the victim" of domestic violence. But it's a lie: they rely on an out of context comment about something completely different.

Stevens said that women, in a random telephone survey, can "have PMS" which results in them saying they were the victim of domestic abuse, even if it never actually happened. The Senate Democrats claim she was saying that women can "have PMS" which results in them being abused.

As usual, we have all the evidence, including the complete comments in context, and scans of the mailer.

Raise your hand if you're surprised the Senate Democrats are lying on behalf of Fred Walser, a convicted liar. Yeah, me neither.

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