Congratulations Fred Walser!

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According to Whatcom County Court, Fred Walser, you have no balance on your account: you paid the $20,000 restitution owed to the City of Sultan for your crimes. That was a remarkable achievement, and now you likely won't be going to jail for lying to a public servant, as long as you finish your 240 hours of community service before June.

Granted, the fact that you lied, and lied, and lied some more, and that you are still lying about it today, ethically disqualifies you from being a public servant in any capacity, but at least you're well on your way to paying your debt to society, even if it was only a small part of what you actually cost the citizens of Sultan, and of Everett, and of Snohomish and Whatcom Counties, and of Washington State, through your lies and misdeeds.

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