Eat American

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My new song, Eat American, is now available. The idea hit me a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty self-explanatory.


Verse 1:
Some people like all kinds of cheese
Some people like Italian
Some even like Chinese
Well I'm not here to tell you what kind of food to prefer
But if you are American
It's your duty, spread the word:

Eat American
Fried chicken, cream of corn
Eat American
From the day that you are born
So our farmers can compete
You are what you eat
Eat American

Verse 2:
Chicago deep dish pizza
Sweet corn bread and beans
Baked or smashed potatoes
And all potatoes in between
Potato chips, potato puffs
Pass the freedom fries
With lots of ketchup to symbolize
The blood of the men who died

To all the pregnant women
Eat until you're filled
To make your kids Americans
I say, grill, grill baby grill

Verse 3:
Some people mix their foods
Each dish is a buffet
Sweet and sour, bitter, hot
It's not the American way
Well I don't want any spicy food
Mr. Waiter, please
'Cause I've got to cherish the memories
Of the men who gave that food to me

Some pepole like all kinds of cheese
Some people like Italian
Some even like Chinese

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