I Am Not Voting for John McCain

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I am not voting for John McCain.

And neither is anyone else.

Nor is anyone voting for Barack Obama.

I am voting for representatives to the electoral college who will vote for John McCain.

You do not get to vote for President. There is no "national popular vote" for President. You do not have a federal right to vote for President; that is up to the states to provide, and it could be revoked.

The President exists to administrate a government that serves the states, not the individual people of those states. It makes sense therefore that the President is not elected by the nation, but by representatives of the states.

Which is why no one is voting for John McCain or Barack Obama.

This has been a public service message. slashdot.org


I wish more people really internalized this fact. I would be all for the great state of Pennsylvania delegating the selection of electors to the state government, forcing people to pay attention to their home state.

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