Loomis Better For Women?

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Last week a hit piece from liberal activist groups (including one that the incumbent, Liz Loomis, sits on the board of) attacked Mike Hope, Representative candidate for the 44th District, as "bad for women, bad for women's health."

This week, a piece from Loomis' campaign went out with an endorsement by Seattle Police Officer Peter Pieper, who was suspended for using a police computer to investigate a woman he was dating.

That doesn't sound very good for women. Now, of course, I wouldn't think Liz Loomis would condone such things as Pieper did, and was accused of doing, but the piece attacking Mike accused him of sharing the alleged beliefs of people who supported him, when he clearly does not. And Loomis did repudiate the piece, but as she is on the executive board of one of the groups funding it, her repudiation rings hollow. slashdot.org

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