Loomis Connected to Hit Piece on Hope

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Liz Loomis, Democrat Representative in the 44th LD, is on the executive board of NARAL Washington, which sponsored a hit piece against Mike Hope, claiming a classic ad hominem: he shares for the alleged positions of some of his donors, including "fighting to deny diabetes screening, mammograms and overnight stays for newborn babies and their mothers." They say Hope is "bad for women, bad for women's health."

The whole piece is a lie in its implication that Hope has any of the beliefs presented in it, but the worst part of the piece was the claim that he is against mammograms, because Hope's wife, Sarai, had a lump removed in college thanks to preventative screening, and they both contribute significant time and money to breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment.

Color me unsurprised that desperate Democrats are using lies to attack their opponents yet again. slashdot.org

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