Of Course People Vote Illegally

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I am being told by many on the left that there is no massive voter fraud out there (well, not from THEIR side ... only Republicans would do such a thing!!!!!zomg).

But let's look at the facts.

FACT: it is very easy to fake a voter registration. Now, this is state- and county-dependent, but generally speaking, in most places, it's simple. One local WA woman registered her dog to vote, simply by calling the phone company and asking for a bill in her "son's" name, and using that as proof of residency.

FACT: it is very easy to vote once you have a successful faked registration. They do not check whether your registration is illegal once it is in the system. There may be an occasional check for dead people, or felons, or underage voters ... but if you are a fake person, they won't catch you, unless you make it very obvious, like using the name "Mickey Mouse."

Indeed, the aforementioned dog owner, Jane Balogh, was only caught because she wanted to be: she returned the illegal ballot voided, with a paw print instead of a signature. And they did catch her that way ... a year later, after she had returned three ballots that way.

FACT: many people in this world, in this country, are corrupt, and willing to break the law to achieve their own ends.

So if it is easy to register illegally, easy to vote with that illegal registration, and there are many people who would be willing to do all this, how is it rational to say that it doesn't happen?

It's not rational, at all.

Just because people rarely get caught means nothing: that stems from the fact that it is hard to catch it when it happens. You have to make it obvious, either by using paw prints on ballots, or popular names on registrations, or registering en masse with obviously fake and duplicate information like ACORN has.

I am not saying Obama is going to steal the election with this type of voter fraud. I am saying it is foolish to think it is not happening, and probably on both sides. It is a huge, mostly unchecked, gaping, security hole, with little chance of getting caught for exploiting it if you're smart. There's no reason why corrupt people wouldn't take advantage of it. slashdot.org


hercynium.myopenid.com Author Profile Page said:

This is actually more of a response to your post on facebook, but several of the people involved are linked there and I'm rather sick of having to fend off the vitriol of people who can't deal with reality...

I know someone who worked for a campaign *committing* this type of fraud... they took a bus from one town to the next to vote as many times as possible for this candidate. I know they did this in at least a half-dozen states. (The idiot even posted pics to his blog... which were *quickly* taken down)

Yes, I know I probably should have reported him... but what proof is there? Ballots are anonymous. Canvassing is frequently used not just to get people to vote, but to determine who *won't* be voting - so their names can be used in fraud undetectably. There's lots of ways to play the shell game, and not very many to get caught unless you're a moron.

During a discussion about ACORN on a political mailing list here at work, I described this person's actions and it was pretty much ignored... until someone asked if I had more detail and in my reply I expanded the description, including for which candidate this was done (a democrat - who we all know lost but not by much...)

At least a half-dozen swooped in with the same arguments that we read about, and several openly called me a liar - an accusation I take quite seriously. Hence why I'd rather not mention say all this in a forum where my co-workers might see it. When I see these people in the halls I can't help but feel a bit angry and I'd rather keep personal feelings out of business.

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