Fred Walser's Sultan Colleagues, In Their Own Words

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Val Stevens sent out a flier quoting officials of the City of Sultan in their own words, in statements submitted for Fred Walser's sentencing this past June, after his criminal conviction. We hope to get those documents to link to them soon, but here are the quotes, in the meantime:

"Fred Walser, you lied -- and continue to lie -- without regard to the welfare of the people you swore to protect ... Your lies resulted in a great deal of damage ..." -- Cheryl L. Beyer, Sultan City Attorney
"The lies and deceit that happened are unforgettable, and it has left an ever-existing scar on the Public Servants of Sultan, Washington." -- Jim Flower, Sultan City Councilman
"Mr. Walser acted with complete disregard to the City of Sultan ... It was the worst of all possible times that Mr. Walser chose to be so reckless in his actions ... As you could imagine, morale in the Police Dept. hit a low." -- Dale Doornek, Sultan City Councilman
"Fred Walser has cost the City money it could not afford, jeopardized safety of the community and has left many people feeling betrayed by his actions." -- Laura J. Koenig, Sultan City Clerk/Deputy Finance Director

Despite Walser's claims, this was more than a "clerical error" or "memory lapse," in the words of the people who worked with him.

The Democratic Party has -- since his conviction -- spent more than $75,000 on that one's campaign, mostly through the Senate Dewmocratic Campaign Committee. I have no logical recourse but to conclude that the Democrats, the SDCC in particular, and chair Karen Keiser in particular, simply have no concern whatsoever for honesty and integrity in politics and government, having proven themselves, in the campaign of Fred Walser, to be perfectly willing to resort to all sorts of lies and corruption.

This makes me angry; if I were a Democrat, I'd be fuming. These are the people who are representing YOUR PARTY, Democrats.

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