Mayor Nickels Vows to Violate Citizens' Rights

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As the P-I reports, Mayor Nickels is planning to go ahead with a ban on guns on Seattle City land, and damn our rights: state law allows citizens to have guns there, and explicitly prohibits local regulations to the contrary.

Nickels' spokesperson says the city needs more "clarity" on state law. She's lying. We know what state law says, and McKenna's office gave any clarification they needed. What she means is that she is trying to force the overturning of state law through the violation of it.

Nickels is just one more Democrat who does not respect the rule of law.

The P-I story also falsely claims that President Bush allowed the "assault weapons ban" to expire. No renewal of the plan ever came before him. Maybe the reporter and editors don't realize Congress, not the President, makes laws?

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