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I just got this e-mail:

Congratulations from YouTube

Hi there,

Congratulations! We've selected a clip from one of your videos for a feature in the broadcast of YouTube Live! -- the first ever live streaming event on the site, designed to celebrate our extravagantly talented user community. Your video will be a part of the show, playing alongside live performances from some of YouTube's finest musicians, athletes and most well-known personalities.

You can watch YouTube Live! this Saturday, November 22 starting at 5PM PST/8PM EST on www.youtube.com/live.

Thanks, and congratulations again!

The YouTube Live Team

Presumably, they'll be showing a clip from my video that played during the YouTube/CNN GOP Debate.

It's been awhile since I put up some videos ... I am working on a cover of a song right now, and am also gearing up for another Twelve Songs of Christmas. Maybe it won't be twelve this year. Maybe this one will go to eleven (hint, hint). slashdot.org

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