Woke Up This Morning, Got Myself a Gun

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I thought maybe he would feel better in the morning. Nope. I am still bothered by the many liberties to be lost under an Obama presidency and liberal Democratic Congress.

Starting January 20, I am going to keep a list of liberties lost. I'll probably seed a list of liberties likely to lose. Perhaps in all the excitement yesterday you missed the news that Chuck Schumer said he wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

As those of us following along with actual issues are aware, Obama is going to be the most anti-gun President in history, if he follows through on his stated views, his voting history, and so on.

He supported the DC gun ban, which he admits was unconstitutional. He said the expiration of the so-called "assault weapons" ban was a "tragedy." He supports banning a lot of ammo, and making a lot more prohibitively expensive.

Despite his claim of supporting an "individual right" to keep and bear arms, it's obvious his definition of "right" means the government can restrict that "right" into oblivion.

And his friends in the Congress, like the aforementioned Schumer, will go along with any gun restriction they can get their hands on. That he came out on Election Day and talked about restricting the First Amendment tells you that these people are not afraid of anything right now.

So, it's time to stock up, while we still can. I am thinking M-4 carbine, a bunch of large clips, and as much inexpensive ammo as I can get my hands on. slashdot.org


Pudge my friend,

Thanks for the ammo reminder. I'm well-enough armed for now, so I'll be stocking up on 40-cal ammo.

We have a mutual friend that said if Obama won, he'd buy his first gun and join the NRA. My response; why wait? I'll do my best to hold him to his NRA promise.

I'm sure you're thankful you live in a state that does not arbitrarily limit magazine capacities. That's one of the many points where California disappoints me.


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