Civil Liberties to be Lost

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Yesterday I celebrated "Civil Liberties Day." I consider this a preferable alternative to a day devoted to Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of the side effects of this change is that while many people note that the first black President is inaugurated the day after MLK Jr. Day, I get to note that one of the most anti-liberty Presidents is inaugurated the day after Civil Liberties Day.

It's well-understood that Obama is at least as hostile to our Tenth Amendment liberties as any President before him. He also has declared himself, time and again, completely hostile toward the Second Amendment (despite his dishonest rhetorical claims that he believes gun ownership is an "individual right").

So, now that we are about to have this new President, I want to start keeping a list of liberties he or his Congress is trying to take from us. Please restrict your answers to those that Obama or Biden or a prominent member of Congress has specifically advocated, within the last year, such as the Obama-Biden promise to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban. And provide a reliable source.

I think this will be quite instructive, and more than a bit depressing. I can only hope Obama doesn't fulfill many of his promises, for whatever reason. He's already signalled he is backing off many of his radical proposals, such as to increase taxes and immediately close Gitmo and pull out of Iraq. So, we don't know what will happen. We only can know what has been proposed and what has happened.

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