Which President Am I?

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I was born in Massachusetts. I graduated from an elite Ivy League university and served as a U.S. ambassador before serving as Vice President for all eight years to one of the most popular Presidents in history.

I then served as the next President, for four years. I put three new justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.

I lost re-election to another very popular President, who served for eight years. We were political enemies while serving as President, but after we were both out of office became friends.

My son became President later, despite coming in second place in the popular vote. He faced stiff opposition from members of Congress angry over the victory, and he lost support even in his own party for his support of leniency and reconciliation for undocumented non-citizens. slashdot.org


Unpa Nasa Author Profile Page said:

I'm thinking John Adams.

Fox_The_Phixer said:

Its John Quincy Adams.

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