I Won a Steering Wheel

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I like to play Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on my PS3, and so I got a steering wheel for it: a Logitech Driving Force GT, designed for use with the game. Well several weeks ago, Logitech held an online contest and the fastest times got free steering wheels.

I didn't get one of the fastest times, but I won one of the weekly random drawings.

Hooray! A random (or pseudorandom) number generator picked me!

But I won the steering wheel I already own. Craigslist awaits ...


f1vlad.com Author Profile Page said:

Congrats! How much you going to sell it for?

I've restarted playing LFS.net.

pudge Author Profile Page said:

I am entertaining offers. Got one? :-) I wonder if the wheel wouldn't work fine on Windows (it's USB), if you had software that could map the buttons, but it's really designed for PS3.

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