Shawna Forde Arrested for Double Murder

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In yet another bizarre turn for Everett resident Shawna Forde, she has now been arrested in Pima County, Arizona for the murder of Raul Flores, 29, and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia, and injuring the mother of the family.

Readers may recall she was beaten in her home December, a week after her husband was shot three times. She reported being shot the following month.

Two other people, Jason Eugene Bush and Albert Robert Gaxiola, were arrested with Forde. They are charged with two counts of first degree murder, one of first degree burglary, and one of aggravated assault.

Detectives say the three broke into the Flores home, pretending to be police officers, on the evening of May 30, shot the three family members. The mother survived, called 911, and shot Bush. Detectives say they were looking for drugs and money.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said of Forde, "If you look at her history closely, and you know what we know, she is at best a pyschopath."

Forde was essentially kicked out of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps several years ago and formed her own group, Minutemen American Defense.


there's a much better article today in the Herald:

Forde's mother, who lives in California, said she was not surprised to hear of her daughter's arrest.

She talked of staging home invasions, Caudle said.

"She sat here and said that she was going to start a group where they went down and start taking things away from the Mexican mafia," Caudle said. "She was going to kick in their doors and take away the money and the drugs."

Caudle said she wasn't sure what to make of that at the time, in part because Forde has a history of exaggeration and lying.

People in the Minuteman movement reacted to news of the arrests with sadness -- and some contempt for Forde.

Jeff Schwilk, founder of the San Diego Minutemen ... said he and others long ago recognized that Forde was unstable and dangerous.

"The warning had been out in Arizona to stay away from this woman," he said. "Unfortunately, this conclusion was very tragic." Author Profile Page said:

oh right, the URL of that article is:

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