If You're Losing the Argument ... Lie

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White House Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, annoyed that Senator Kyl of Arizona is arguing against the stimulus, wrote a letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, lying about what Kyl actually said.

Kyl said he was against the stimulus, not against Arizona getting stimulus money while other states did get it. There's a big difference between those two things, of course: since it's your tax dollars, even if you are against the whole package, you might as well get your fair share of it.

Yet LaHood said in his letter, "If you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available to your state, as Sen. Kyl suggests, please let me know."

Of course, Kyl suggested no such thing;he wanted an end to all stimulus spending, not just for Arizona. And it's pathetic that an executive official would engage in such dishonest partisan politics.

It basically went like this: Kyl says to cancel all federal stimulus spending. The Obama administration says, "OK, we'll cancel ARIZONA'S spending if you want to. ..." Then Kyl says, "um, what?" And then they say, "ha ha, called your bluff!" This is the level that they're stooping to.

The one bright spot in this is that I get to snicker at FireDogLake cackling like a hyena because Kyl is inconsistent between what he actually said, and what he never said. I am not sure whether "Blue Texan" believed this propaganda from the Obama administration, or if he was just playing along. slashdot.org

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