Slowing It Down To Kill It

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The unions are telling us that "when something goes slow enough, it's easy to kill it, dead in its tracks."

When I first saw this ad I thought they were making the argument for slowing down health care reform. But they are apparently trying to say we should speed it up.

See, to me, if something is easy to kill when it's moving slow, that's because it's pretty weak to begin with, like the snail in the ad. And besides, since when is it wrong for the public -- and their representatives -- to actually analyze and discuss a major change to the American way of life before enacting it?

Can anyone think of a really good bill that got a ton of press coverage that didn't pass because the public looked at it too much? And even if you can think of one (I can't), isn't that worth the price that democracy demands of us, having an informed electorate, and informed representatives voting on our behalf?

I am up front when I say I don't want this health care reform to pass. I am against government-controlled health insurance, against the Health Insurance Exchange, against price controls, against market controls, and so on. I don't want to amend this bill, I want it dead.

But even if I wanted it passed, I can't see myself violating my fundamental principles by pushing it through before the public could have a chance to take a good look at it.

(And don't even get me started on the dishonesty of implying that because we've been working on health care reform for years, that it is not rushing things to push a thousand-page bill through the House in a few weeks.)

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