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I am no longer working for Slashdot/Geeknet as of September 30. I am actively seeking new employment. Unless you want to hire me, you don't need to care, unless you also care about use Perl;, because it has been generously hosted by Geeknet since I started the site over 10 years ago, shortly after I was hired by Andover.Net to work on Slashdot.

Long story short, I have not done much with the site in recent years, so my options at this point are to do nothing; migrate the site to a new server and keep it running as-is; or take the data and do something with it on a new site. Or something I haven't thought of.

I am hereby accepting proposals for what to do with use Perl;. In short, I would like to donate it to someone who will give it a good home. If you're interested, give me your best pitch.

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I guess I ought to post here to make the most permanent record, since use Perl will be going away, and slashdot will no longer be "home."

First off, THANKS. Just immense thanks. Use Perl was always the best place for me personally to go ask questions about a host of things. Including things non-Perl related and something not even programming related. For awhile there it was just such a neat cross-section of culture and wisdom.

I STILL love the old-style comment interface. I am of course a curmudgeon, so my opinion may not count for much.

Use Perl was my first journal, and even though I've now had a couple of "blogs," none of them have been quite the same. Blogging still doesn't have the same community feel for me that a forum has.

I wove a chronicle of my personal life in with my job and in with my own personal programming experiments. I announced my marriage on use Perl, and the birth of my first four children. (Sadly, I never got around to announcing Mary Rose on use Perl; at her birth about 17 months ago, nor have I announced Gideon Asa's impending arrival.) I can remember taking a trip to Ukraine in 2002, my first big international trip, and thinking constantly "I should journal about this on use Perl." In those days we didn't carry around mobile devices that would enable us to do things like that, and so those entries never happened.

All that may not mean much to you, but it was a great service to me, and so I thank you. Author Profile Page said:

And the foregoing is also incomplete without thanks for the many political discussions. You helped me sharpen my thinking many times over, and I always appreciated your insight. I'm sure I didn't always come to the same conclusions you might've liked me to come to ... but at least I didn't come to the conclusions many of your opponents came to. :)

I'm under the impression that the little camel and the little slashdot logo are supposed to link to the same post on and, respectively. But the camel links to this page, and slashdot claims there is no post at the link provided by the slashdot logo.

Thought you might want to know, in case something's wrong.


Thanks for, Pudge. That was a valuable resource to the community.

And good luck at the new gig!

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