Gregoire == Bush

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I wanted to title this something provocative, but, I am actually being a bit unfair. In truth, Gregoire is much worse than Bush.

Bush was, somewhat unfairly, but not without reason, often accused of violating government sunshine laws by withholding information that by law should have been released. In truth, it happened only rarely: usually the letter of the law was followed, even if the spirit wasn't always followed.

But Gregoire literally makes up the letter of the law, and does so routinely: she asserts that some information doesn't have to be disclosed because of "executive privilege," even though the law says that information must be disclosed absent statutory exception, and there is no statutory exception for executive privilege. And she's done it with over 500 documents since 2007.

If this were Bush, or McKenna, or some other Republican or conservative, the media and unions and legislature and so on would be up in arms. (Perhaps it's worth noting that even if it were a Republican or conservative, the EFF would be saying the same things they are saying about Gregoire.)

If you are a liberal, and you truly care about the principles of democracy you say you stand for, then write a letter to your legislator, your local paper, and our governor. Tell them this isn't a partisan issue: openness and respect for the law are required for a functioning government, no matter your party.

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