Shame, KIRO, Shame!

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I got an alert on my iPhone this morning from the KIRO app. It falsely informed me that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin had just signed an "anti-union" bill.

Of course, those following the facts know that's not true: the bill is not "anti-union" at all. It does nothing whatsoever to take away or diminish the constitutional right to unionize. All it does is say that government cannot give certain special rights to unions. That's like saying a bill making it illegal for governments to fund professional sporting facilities is "anti-sports."

Now, it would certainly against the stated interests of many professional teams and their management, just as this bill is against the stated interests of many unions and their management. But being against what unions want is not the same as being anti-union. It's only "anti-union" if it seeks to destroy unions, rather than -- as here -- take away special rights for the unions.

The unions talk about fairness all the time, but this bill simply says unions have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

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