Labor vs. Tea Party

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Yesterday a few hundred Labor protestors went to Olympia, and there was violence and arrests. Today about 5,000 of them are expected, along with more violence and arrests.

When the Tea Party is protesting, there's no arrests, no violence. And some of them even bring pitchforks!

So, just a reminder: Labor wants stuff given to them -- taken from other people -- and breaks the law and uses violence if they can't get it. The Tea Party wants to be left alone, and asks peacefully, using the democratic process.

This pattern is seen over and over again, consistently, throughout the nation.

In sports, a team can be penalized if their fans disrupt the game. Maybe we should have a rule that if protestors break the law, legislators vote against them. But then again, this is a legislature that breaks and bends the rules all the time, anyway: whether it's introducing bills without having time for hearings, or without any text at all, or pretending things are emergencies just to avoid having to answer to the people ... none of the left respects rules, let alone the rule of law. Labor protestors are just one more example.

(Don't be fooled by their rhetoric that they are merely anti-corporate welfare: while I agree with them on that score, a. I don't want to see those cuts while unemployment is still high, but rather, phased out over time or cut when the economy is much stronger; and b., the reason they want those cuts to corporate welfare is only because they want more government cheese for themselves.)

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