Minority Congressional District

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Yesterday on Up Front with Robert Mak, the idea of a congressional district tailored to give non-whites a majority was discussed.

Three observations, and one conclusion.

First, we are being told by this district's creation (should it be created) that while not the only important qualification, having one's representation closer to one's own color has particular value: so important that we will gerrymander an entire district just to give nonwhites a better chance at having someone who looks more like them represent them.

Second, if such a district exists, there may not be any white candidates on the ballot, which is (see above) a bad thing for the white residents of the district.

Third, the Constitution of the United States allows any 25-year-old citizen living within a state to run for any House seat in that state.

Therefore, despite living well north of this proposed district, I am considering running for the House in this district -- should it be created -- although I'd gladly bow out should some other worthy white candidate run. But the proponents of this district are telling us that it's important that representation happens by skin color, so who am I to argue?

In all seriousness, the Constitution -- particularly the 14th and 15th Amendments -- as well as our more recent history and law, strongly imply it's wrong to give anyone preference due to race; indeed, that it is generally wrong for the government to consider race at all. I think it's important to remind those who seem to have forgotten.

Of course, a better way to deal with the problem than running for this district -- which, make no mistake, I may do, if I have the time and money -- would be for our representatives deciding the redistricting to be not stupid.

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