White House Exposes Leftist and Media Big Lie

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In finally releasing President Obama's birth certificate, the White House has conceded what many of us have known all along: that the countless times the left and the media asserted that we had seen Obama's birth certificate were all lies.

To those who merely watch MSNBC, they may be startled to realize that Obama hadn't released his birth certificate until now. Olbermann and Maddow and Matthews and the rest have been falsely asserting otherwise for years. Don't hold your breath waiting for apologies or retractions, though.

And the release comes pretty close to confirming what I've long suspected: that Obama didn't release his birth certificate all this time just to get some of his opponents, and various conspiracy theorists, riled up. He could've released it a long time ago, but chose not to. Granted, maybe Obama is merely excessively belligerent, and refused to release it because he felt he shouldn't have to, but we're often told -- and I mostly believe -- that Obama is a dispassionate pragmatist, so that story doesn't seem likely. What's more likely is that he didn't release his birth certificate simply because Obama himself wanted to make his birth certificate an issue. He succeeded.

This is demonstrated by White House statements, such as: "This whole birther debate has been really bad for the Republican Party," White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said. But the discussion is "crowding out the debate" on more important issues and is a distraction, he added. So, as long as it hurts Obama's opponents, you don't release it; when it hurts your agenda, you release it.

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