LCE082 I Hate The Habs

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This is my second song in a row to make fun of Canadians. This one rips on players and fans and media of the Montreal Canadiens, who dove and whined and lost in seven games to the Boston Bruins (who shouldn't have let it last so long). Lyrics: I hate the Habs, I hate the Habs They play dirty and they dive They make all hockey fans want to cry I hate the Habs Lucic was ejected When Sissy Spacek was upended Didn't move coz he's afraid he might be hurt PK Subban, you're a jerk Your little trust fall didn't work And even your own teammates hate your guts I hate the Habs, I hate the Habs Their fans and media are a treat Full of imperious conceit So I hate the Habs Hamrlik was the best He flopped and looked for a ref As Kelly gave the Bruins the late lead Wisniewski won't be outdone Snapped his head like he'd been gunned down When Bergeron's high stick came near his face This is the Longest Concert Evar, starring Pudge. Send requests to, or post them here.
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