LCE083 Porn King of Abbottabad (Ballad of Osama Bin Laden)

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This is my second song about Osama Bin Laden (see "Osama Bin Laden, You Ruined My Birthday" When I heard OBL had a big cache of porn, I figured that since he had a network of people getting information in and out, he was probably using that network to make a little bit of money on the side, so he became the Porn King of Abbottabad. I wonder how many of his followers would be disillusioned by his porn collection, eg, "Yeah I used to think he was a prophet when he was murdering lots of innocent people, but now that's I found out he's a pervert I think he's going to hell." Lyrics: Up in north Hazara Was a man who was wanted by the feds By the feds He killed thousands of people They say, because he was a holy man A moral man But you have to pay the bills somehow The rent won't pay itself, so now He gets what people want He gets what people need He's the Porn King of Abbottabad He's the Porn King of Abbottabad He's the Porn King of Abbottabad In the back you'll find the good stuff Big hits like "The Beauty and The Whore ... of Lahore" If you don't have the rupees We can probably work out a deal What a deal You can do a job for me Strap on this vest and count to three I hope you watched the film No more chance to watch the film Even the most devout sheikhs Need to indulge now and then Now and then A man can't be expected to Look at the same six women all his life What's left of his life RESPECT You'll find out what it means to me When I play this movie And <b>...</b>
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