Jackson Lee Hates Black People

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) accused Republicans of opposing the debt increase because they are racists.

Now, obviously, she is not stupid enough to believe such a thing. She has been in Congress for 16 years, and she knows quite well that what she's saying makes no sense. She also knows that no one else in Congress believes it, or will be swayed by her words.

So why say it?

There's only one reason: to perpetuate the lie that Republicans are racist so that black voters will be more likely to vote for Democrats. She hates black people so much, has so little respect for them, that she cannot honestly lay out the issues and trust them with making their own decisions about how to vote for based on the facts. She wants to keep them down and beholden to her, by lying to them about some group of "others" that's out to get them.

And frankly, President Obama -- whom I, along with many others, see as someone who can help heal our racial divides in this country -- should call Jackson Lee out for her overt lies to black voters, if he really cares about race relations in this country more than he cares about partisan politics.

(And on a side note, it's hard for me to care much about Roger Clemens allegedly lying to Congress, when Jackson Lee and many other elected representatives tell lies on the floor of Congress almost every day it's in session. Now, I know that what they say on the floor is protected, so I am not trying to draw legal equivalency to Clemens' hearing, but the fact remains that I just couldn't care less about liars accusing liars of lying.)

(On another side note, Jackson Lee also lies when she says raising the debt limit is required by the 14th Amendment. I agree fulfilling our debt obligations is required by the 14th Amendment, but it's indisputable that we can do that without raising the debt limit.)

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