Obama and Seriousness

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President Obama attacks Mitt Romney for flip-flopping on his health care plan, even though Obama was vehemently against a health insuance mandate during his campaign, and now is vehemently for it.

Obama attacks Republicans for not passing free trade agreements, even though Obama hasn't given the agreements to the Congress to pass. They literally cannot pass those agreements because Obama won't let them. It's the presidential version of "stop hitting yourself!"

Obama attacks Rick Perry for threatening Ben Bernanke -- which never happened -- when Perry said Texas would "treat [Bernanke] pretty ugly" for his "almost treasonous" devaluation of the dollar, while at the same time Obama says nothing about the many Democrats calling Republicans terrorists. He calls Perry's claim "irresponsible," without saying why, and I can't tell what he means: sure, Perry was flatly wrong that the devlauation is "almost treasonous," but he is making a perfectly responsible and rational point about how terrible for the country Bernanke's policies have been.

Obama is, these days, constantly arguing that we should put country before politics, while at the same time constantly putting politics before country, every single chance he gets. He literally hasn't spoken to the public in more than a month without making partisan attacks against the Republicans. That's fine, but to do that as President while saying we should put the country before politics? That makes you look like an utter fool, eclipsed only by the fools who believe you.

Frankly, I don't see how anyone can still take this man seriously as President. It'd be one thing if Obama had significant substance and was being dishonest in his rhetoric, but he really isn't doing anything of substance: just like in his campaign, he's all talk and no action, all style and no substance.

Millions of people voted for Obama because of some bizarrely nebulous vision of "hope and change," with barely any detail on what that meant in practice; and most of the few details Obama did offer -- no increased taxes on incomes under $250,000, pulling out of Iraq, closing Gitmo, lowering unemployment, fixing the economy, no health insurance mandate -- he's reneged on. We shouldn't be surprised: he was elected without much substance, and he's governing without much substance.

I don't say people shouldn't have voted for Obama in the general election, because at that point it could have been a lesser of two evils thing, if you love Democrats or hate Republicans or something: but how did it make any sense to pick the no-exerience, no-substance Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton? How could you possibly have been so easily suckered by this shyster's facade, actually believing that he could do all the magical things you thought he represented? Say what you like about Clinton, at least she's a serious person who knows how to get things done.

If this were 2010, I'd "hope" that Obama would "change" and actually try to lead this country instead of continuing to blame everyone for his problems and offer literally no solutions to the problems we're facing. I've given up on such hope. How about you?

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