Obama Hates Jobs

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President Obama hates jobs.

Well, OK: President Obama hates private sector jobs.

Well, OK: President Obama hates not having a maximum of government power over businesses and jobs, and would gladly sacrifice private-sector, non-union, non-government-controlled, jobs for the mere opportunity to try to create far fewer jobs under the thumb of government, whether under the NLRB or direct government subsidies.

How else to explain taking $1.5 trillion out of an economy that needs capital to grow jobs? He certainly can't believe that it is better for job creation to funnel that money out of the private sector and into government only to come back to the private sector in ways he thinks is more appropriate, with strings attached every step of the way. That's just stupid. No, it makes much more sense that he simply wants government control over those jobs.

And similarly, how else to explain the Boeing situation? Here we have a company actually creating jobs, and lots of them. They decide, for many reasons, to open a new plant in South Carolina. Probably, one of those reasons is the lower costs of labor: not just in not having to pay union wages, but also in not having to spend time/money dealing with the union. So they open the new plant, and hire thousands of workers. Not a single union job is lost due to the new plant; on the contrary, more union workers have been hired by Boeing. The fact is that not a single person was harmed in any way by opening the new plant.

So: thousands of new employees hired, no jobs lost at other locations, making a product that's been creating, and will continue to create and maintain, even more jobs across the sector.

And what does Obama do with this success story? He tries to kill it. Literally. He is trying to shut down the S.C. plant, for no reason other than that the unions don't control the jobs there. Boeing did nothing wrong whatsoever, broke no laws, and violated no code, other than than the (in some states) unwritten rule, "thou shalt not hire nonunion workers." They are jobs, yes, but not the right kind of jobs.

When Obama says his main goal is to create jobs, we know he's lying. If that were his main goal, he would not be seeking to destroy thousands of jobs in South Carolina just because they are not the kind of jobs he approves of. He would not be taking $1.5 trillion out of the economy. Those are things you just don't do when you're trying to create jobs.

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