LCE085 Osama Bin Laden, You Ruined My Birthday (Anniversary Edition)

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This is my original song about Osama Bin Laden. The anniversary edition. This song is not autobiographical. Lyrics: I was born in September '64 We started off each school year with my name up on the door Sang "Happy Birthday" to me, ate cake and drank some juice I've looked forward to the eleventh every year since my youth Osama Bin Laden, you ruined my birthday I don't get no presents, just looks of dismay Lots of people died; I'm not just thinking of myself But couldn't you have chosen the 10th or the 12th? My officemates they used to throw a party every year Now we share a silent moment; ladies shed a tear Remember all the victims, and lift up a glass But I'd rather get a birthday spanking on my ass Chorus They say he tried to collapse our entire economy He tried but failed to bring the mighty Wall Street to its knees But he bankrupted me, and I'm still broke today: I used to earn my keep selling my presents on eBay Chorus This is the Longest Concert Evar, starring Pudge. Send requests to, or post them here.
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