ONO! Inequality!

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I would like someone who decries "inequality" to tell me one way in which someone else having more than you hurts you.

Please realize I am not talking about someone else having more power than you and thus being able to violate your rights without recourse. That is a separate problem. No one should be allowed to do that, regardless of how much wealth they have. What someone does to harm you with their wealth is not a problem of wealth inequality, but of insufficient protections of your rights.

I also don't care about your feelings. If you feel bad because someone else has a Bugatti Veyron and you can't afford a Ford Pinto, that's your problem. Your feelings are your responsibility alone.

And here's a hint: the fact that someone can do something you can't doesn't actually hurt you.

Your standard of how well off you are has -- or should have -- nothing to do with how much Bill Gates has. It is about how happy you are, whether you can provide education and food and shelter and clothing for your family ... the standard "standard of living" stuff. And while Americans have paltry wealth compared to the top 1% in America, they are fabulously wealthy compared to most other countries.

It is about you and your family, not about everyone else. Inequality is nonsense.

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