Liars Against 1083

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Most of the anti-1183 campaign has been based on lies, but the most recent ad about health professionals is just insanely false. It says that "public health experts speak out against 1183, and then it shows those "public health experts" lying through their teeth.

For example, Douglas Myers, MD -- President of the Washington State Medical Association -- lies that 1183 "will increase risk to public health and safety."

Sofia Aragon, JD, RN -- representing the Washington State Nurses Association -- lies that 1183 "will expand the use of hard liquor."

And Jim Cooper -- President of the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention -- lies that 1183 will "lead to more senseless deaths."

Every single one of these claims is false. They are not backed up by anything more than biased conjecture. They are lies.

Douglas Myers, Sofia Aragon, and Jim Cooper are liars.

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