LCE086 Some of What You Need to Know

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Written by the kids for their new brother. Lyrics: We watch the Boston Bruins play hockey This year they won the Stanley Cup They wear a B On their jersey In baseball we watch the Red Sox When you're alive there's so many fun things to do Like play with toys And maybe camping when you're two Chorus: This is some of what you need to know This is some of what you need to know This is some of what you need to know We'll tell you what you need to know My first favorite colors are purple and yellow Riley, she likes pink, then red I don't like to clean my room But God told me to So I clean a little I'm rude a lot and that's not good And I'm good sometimes And you've gotta be good when you are born Chorus When daddy hurts my feelings I still love him When you're two I'll teach you Kung Fu There's no pinching There's no biting And there's no telling lies God will still love you when you do bad things Jesus will too And daddy and mama Chorus Some good things are helpfulness Obedience, not being wasteful We love you We love you so much We're happy that you're here Mama was on a date in a car Without a roof When she got out her hair was everywhere Chorus
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