Government Between Medical Professionals and Their Patients

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I have a bad back. I threw it out in December and am currently in physical therapy.

My therapist tells me my back is pretty bad in certain ways, and that it might benefit from certain chiropractic treatment. Of course, chiropractic treatment varies widely between practitioners and so on, so they were hesitant about just telling me to seek such treatment, because it might not help, and might even make matters worse.

But here's the bizarre thing: they tell me that they know how to do this treatment. They were trained. They could help me right now, saving me significant time, money, and risk to my health. But they tell me they can't because Washington State won't let them, adding that it is part of a "turf war" between chiropractors and physical therapists.

I thought that the liberal Democrats who run this state had a problem with government getting between a medical professional and their patients.

One more illusion shattered.

I don't really mean this as a partisan attack. But this policy of government making my health care decisions is directly harming me, and I just wish that when they said something, they meant it.

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