Biden Says Obama Should Never Have Been President

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Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday, quoting Mitt Romney, "If we want someone who has a lot of experience in foreign policy, we can simply go to the State Department. ... that’s not how we choose a President. A President is not a foreign policy expert." Biden then went on to criticize this, saying that -- apparently, since it's all that Romney said -- a President should have a lot of experience in foreign policy, and should be a foreign policy expert.

Therefore, Biden said Obama should never have been President, since he had even less foreign policy experience than Romney's got.

(In fairness, to Biden, he wasn't actually saying that, because he wasn't actually responding to what Romney actually said, but instead lying about what Romney said, inventing this idea that Romney was implying other people should make the foreign policy decisions for the President. But no, what Romney actually said was exactly what Bush and Obama said when running for office, and what they did as President: that you listen to the actual experts, and you as President make the choices.)

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