Seattle Times Smearing Koster Already

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The Seattle Times reports that someone donated too much money to John Koster's campaign. This sort of thing literally happens all the time, and when they find out about it -- as they do when they reconcile the books -- they fix it, either by returning it, or (as is the case here) attributing the money to someone else (in this case, the donor's wife).

Koster's campaign literally did nothing wrong. In fact, they did everything right. So this literally isn't even a story. It's just a way to tie Koster to anti-abortion activists, Citizens United (ooo! hate!), and people who have "poured more than million dollars" [sic] into Tim Eyman initiatives. The article, purportedly about a campaign finance violation, is just an ideological wink-and-a-nod toward liberal voters.

The left counters, "but these are just facts." Sure, but they are very selectively chosen facts: they only mention three donors, each of them designed to inflame liberals, all in the context of a "story" about someone donating too much money, without choosing to note the fact that this happens in all large campaigns (Obama had thousands of donors who exceeded contribution limits in 2008; presumably, all or most of that was refunded or reallocated).

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