Paul Ryan Named as Romney's Running Mate, Says Many News Outlets

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Many sources are telling many news outlets that Paul Ryan will be named Mitt Romney's running mate on Saturday morning.

I hope so. He's been my pick for months. People tell me he's a bad pick because of his budget and Medicare and so on, but I've thought they're wrong. The leftists will hate him and try to paint him as a terrible person, sure, but the Romney campaign can say something like: "his budget was just a starting point for discussion, and the Democrats never came to the table; the main point is the goals he had, which were to reduce spending without harming the most vulnerable and free the market to make all Americans prosperous, and President Obama and the Democrats have failed at that. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and a Republican Congress will work tirelessly to change that direction, starting with repealing Obama's health insurance law, and ending with a balanced budget."

Then again, maybe it won't be Ryan. I'll find out when I wake up tomorrow.

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