This article by +Jeffrey Young at Huffington Post is so ... bizarre.  It shows conservatives claim…

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This article by +Jeffrey Young at Huffington Post is so ... bizarre.  It shows conservatives claiming that young people will have to pay disproportionately for insurance under ObamaCare.  To prove those conservatives wrong, the Huffington Post shows that young people have been buying insurance under ObamaCare.

How does B prove A is wrong, you may ask?  Good question.

The unstated assumption they are making, apparently, is that young people wouldn't buy insurance in these numbers if they are having to pay disproportionately.  Even though the law requires them to have health insurance.

My favorite part is when they say it is "hard to square" the claim that they will have to pay disproportionately with the data that says they are buying insurance.

The screen grab they supply from BuzzFeed, the article they link to from Forbes, none of it makes the case that young people will not buy insurance: it simply makes the case that it is not a good economic deal for many of them to do so.  The Forbes article did point out that previously low rates of enrollment for young people were likely due to the high cost for those enrollees, but it made no prediction that it would remain that way, especially since -- again -- they are required by law to do so. G+

Conservatives Proven Utterly Wrong On Key Aspect Of Obamacare

Remember when Obamacare was a terrible deal for young adults, and how "young invincibles" didn't even want health insurance? Conservative groups -- acting, no doubt, out of deep concern for the well-being of the nation's 20-somethings -- ev...

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