Dear Internet, It is impossible, without significant evidence, which we apparently do not have, t…

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Dear Internet,

It is impossible, without significant evidence, which we apparently do not have, to prove or disprove the allegations against Bill Cosby.

Therefore, it is irresponsible to even air the allegations, because he cannot defend against them.

Maybe he's guilty.  But maybe he's completely innocent.

I could not care less about your irrational rationalizations.  "Their stories are believable," "he's acting guilty," etc.  We simply, literally, do not know whether these things happened, and we do not have any available path to find out.  If it is possible that he is innocent -- and it is -- then it's completely unfair to him to even talk about whether he's guilty.

I am not criticizing the institutions that have cut ties with him; they have to worry about their bottom line, and no matter how unfair this is, the perception is all that matters for them.  This is the news media's fault more than anything, interviews and reporting on things that cannot be demonstrated true, nor defended against.  It's simply irresponsible, from top to bottom.

Yes, if he is guilty, it's terrible, and terrible for the people he allegedly harmed.  But that doesn't justify the inherent unfairness of the campaign against him.  We do not abandon reason and fairness and justice simply because they are hard.

Well, apparently, we do.  But we shouldn't.

I bought Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow, Right? a couple of weeks ago.  I loved listening to it growing up, and I won't let unsubstantiated allegations ruin my enjoyment of it.  I won't give in to the hysteria. G+

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