Dear Internet: Stop saying "misnomer" to mean "misunderstanding."  "Misnomer" means "misnamed."  …

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Dear Internet:

Stop saying "misnomer" to mean "misunderstanding."  "Misnomer" means "misnamed."  I've heard this repeatedly in recent days, including from prominent (and supposedly well-educated) politicians and journalists, saying things like "the biggest misnomer about North Korea is that it has no technological capabilities. ..."

That isn't a misnomer!  A misnomer would if North Korea were south of South Korea.

You can say the Affordable Care Act is a misnomer, because it is not affordable, and does not do anything about health care.  But you can't say that a "misnomer about the ACA is that it has death panels."  That's a "misunderstanding," not a "misnomer."

You're hurting my brain.  Stop it. G+

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