These teenaged humans are so dumb in so many ways.  They think a court has the lawful power to ove…

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These teenaged humans are so dumb in so many ways.  They think a court has the lawful power to override an executive's lawful decisions or a legislature's lawful acts; they think that even if the court could do this, that they would have the facts to back it up; they think that there's only one side to the story; they think that their voice is worth more than the voices of those that disagree with them, especially when the policies they want the court to enforce would cause massive harm to many other people; and so on.

Worst of all, they simply do not understand the role of science in government.  Even if we knew that the climate was continuing to warm (and we certainly do not) or knew what the effects would be (and we know that even less), policymaking in a republican-democratic society must be done according to the will of the people, as long as the rights of individuals are not harmed.

Science can only inform decisions, not make them for us.  This is a lesson all humans who wish to engage in public discourse, even the young ones, need to understand: you can't simply say "I believe I am right, and I believe the facts prove I am right, so therefore everyone has to do what I say."  That's not how this works. G+

Teens Take Politicians To Court Over Climate Change

For politicians who fail to act on climate change, Kelsey Juliana has a few words. "I want to remind them that we are their employer," said Juliana, 18, a native of Eugene, Oregon, and freshman at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina...

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