Howard Dean, in questioning how well-educated Scott Walker is, due to the fact that Walker has no …

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Howard Dean, in questioning how well-educated Scott Walker is, due to the fact that Walker has no college degree, displays his own lack of education.

I especially love this: "I worry about people not knowing much about the world and not knowing much about science." That is, of course, highly ignorant. The world's gotten by just fine with people, including presidents, not knowing much about science. But worse, Walker gave no reason for anyone to think he doesn't know much about science.

And if you think, as many do, that the answer to "do you believe in evolution?" is easy to answer yes or no, and that the only reason to answer No is if you're ignorant or pandering ... you are ignorant.

In fact, it is not reasonable to answer that question with a yes or no. "Evolution," even in this context, can mean a half dozen different things. Micro? Macro? As the process by which all life exists, or merely some? Does it exclude the possibility of God's design? What does the questioner mean?

The only reason I can see to answer yes or no is out of ignorance, or to pander to one group or another. And calling someone out as not well-educated because he answered the question as an intellectual person would ...

Well, no one ever confused Dean with an honest, rational, person. G+

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