This is such nonsense.  What the reporter says "many legal scholars considered a trivial statutory…

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This is such nonsense.  What the reporter says "many legal scholars considered a trivial statutory flaw," is actually a very clear and unambiguous statement in the ACA that President Obama is not allowed to do what he is doing.

The law says, "you can't give these people money," and Obama is giving them money.  That's not trivial.

You might not like that the law says it, and you might not think that the Congress meant it, but -- because there are obvious good reasons why that might be intentional -- the claim that it is merely a textual error requires evidence, and there is none. G+

How six words landed the ACA at the Supreme Court again

In the coming days, the Supreme Court will weigh whether states that rely on the federal health care exchange can provide subsidies to make insurance affordable. Special correspondent Sarah Varney of Kaiser Health News reports on how millions will be affected if the Court wipes out financial help in 34 states.

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